Arunachal CM Kalikho Pul boost the Morale of Employees


Arunachal CM Kalikho Pul visited the office of the finance department to boost the morale of the employees and to show support for their dedication towards their work.

Appealing for their continued support, the chief minister reasoned that “stability of the government’s transaction is highly critical, since it affects the overall development of the state.”

Pul acknowledged that performance of the employees is directly influenced by their sense of achievement, respect, fair treatment and a sense of camaraderie within the establishment.

“I have worked closely with the finance department for more than 10 years and understand the problems faced by the employees,” said the chief minister and assured full cooperation for the welfare of the government employees.

Arunachal CHief Minister with the employees of Finance department
Arunachal Chief Minister with the employees of Finance department

Informing on measures taken, Chief minister informed to the employees that his Government has released all the bills of the government employees for medical reimbursement, pending salaries of the contingency and casual workers, raised the student’s stipend, and enhanced the incentives for health workers.

The chief minister informed that the decision to enhance student’s stipend has been taken in view of the large dropouts in rural areas, where students from poor family background are totally dependent on stipend for their education.

“Though the student stipend is a meager amount, it means a lot to students from poor economical background,” he said and added that “students in rural areas should not be deprived of their basic right to education.”

“These all welfare measures for students and workers,” said the chief minister, “have been taken even though there wasn’t any pressure or demands from any quarter. No one came to me with such demands. But on my own I decided to, since I too come from a humble background, and understand their hardships.”

Pul, therefore, appealed the employees of the finance department not to let the work on government transaction to stop at any cost, since it’s the common people who will be affected the most.

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