Arunachal : China’s PLA builds camps along Arunachal near Kibithu

New Delhi

Once again a news comes along from Arunachal Pradesh, that the troop of China’s Army PLA have been constructed a camp along the international border near Kibithu in Arunachal . The camp is  located on the other side of Arunachal Pradesh’s Kibithu area. ANI reported.

The construction across Kibithu include camps for the Chinese army, and houses. The camps and houses have been located in Tatu. In Tatu, a Chinese telecommunications tower and observation post with surveillance equipment have also been set up by the army.

Construction of telecommunication towers, army camps and houses have been located a few days after India’s ambassador to China Gautam Bambawale rubbished reports suggesting fresh Chinese troop build-up in Doklam and asserted that the status quo remains “unchanged”.

 “In order to maintain the peace and tranquillity (along India-China border), there are certain areas, certain sectors which are very sensitive, where we must not change the status quo. If anyone changes the status quo, it will lead to a situation like what happened in Doklam,” Bambawale said.

Bambawale blamed China for changing the status quo which led to the 73-day Doklam stand-off. “Ours was a reaction to the change in the status quo by the Chinese military,” he said. He, however, clarified that “no change” has taken place in the standoff site at Dokalam after it was resolved last year. The two sides have so far held 20 rounds of boundary talks.


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