Arunachal: Champion FC wins 7A side Soccer Tournament 2018


Champion FC win the 7 A side Soccer tournament today and went way with cup, medals and cash prize of sixty thousand.

Addressing the valedictory function held here at the Jollang Lapang, Borum former ZPM Techi Tolu said that winning and loosing is part of game and no none underestimate the game as it not only gives the pleasure but make a healthy body and sound mind. At the same time every game and sport make a perfect man but one should not divert their career from which profession they belong.

Stating the youth forces as one of the strongest force of the world and it should not be misguided or miss utilised  and urge upon the stakeholders to utilise the youths in nation building. While lauding the sports policy of the state government he emphasis the need of availing the benefit of the  job opportunity by winning at national and international forum in different games and sports and also bring name and fame for family, district and state.

Special guest, Land Management Committee of Jollang Tassar Mohan while appreciated the committee members for organising such event and appeal the youths to play different game and sports and win medals and earn name and fame for state.

Arunachal Pradesh state Aids Control Society (APSACS) Deputy Director Tashore Pali while emphasis on maintaining a good health and appeal youths to know aide for no aids. Organising Chairman Taba Topu, Organising Vice Chairman Mallo Khoda, Organising Secretary Byabang Noah Dui among other personalities also spoke on the occasion.

The tournament was organised by Ajing Arum Society (AAS) in collaboration with APSAC. The tournament was kick off start by student leader Debi Muj on July 20 which concluded today amid huge gathering of football lovers of the area. All total 24 team from various parts of capital complex took part and the final match was played between Champion FC of Chandranagar and Hornet FC of Pachin Colony.

Champion FC win by 1/0 which determined the winning of the team.

Pura Byai declared as digest scorer while Dari Kamdak declared as best player while Hornet FC tem when away with seal and cash prize of thirty thousand

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