Arunachal: BRO Clears Sela Pass of snow


The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has cleared 13,760-feet high Sela Pass of snow, enabling movement of tourist vehicles.


The  Sela Pass, along Arunachal-China  international border in Tawang district has experienced extreme bad weather since the beginning of month Dec 2018. The average snowfall recorded around 20 Km stretch on either side of Sela Pass during the month till  29th Dec 2018 ranges from 10 cm to 40 cm.

Arunachal: BRO Clears Sela Pass of snow

All out dedicated efforts in terms of mechanical as well as physical means have been put on ground by BRO to allow least disturbance to the smooth flow of traffic due to such odd weather conditions BRO is tirelessly carrying out rescue operation and crisis management  on the ground round the clock to help recovery and movement of any civil as well as army vehicle struck up on road due to skidding and thus avoiding traffic jams to last long.

Arunachal: BRO Clears Sela Pass of snow

 Team BRO is also playing the role of traffic police and management. Team of BRO 90 RCC comprising of 02 Officers, 04 JE and 20 other Ranks is deployed on daily basis for snow clearance and ensuring smooth flow of traffic at Sela Pass.

Arunachal: BRO Clears Sela Pass of snow

Sela Pass having an altitude of 4195 mtr i.e. 13760 Ft above MSL is located at Km 240.00 on road Balipara Charduar Tawang. The weather conditions during the winters which sets in as early as October and lasts till end of May remains too cold with the temperature ranging from 15°C to 5°C which further aggravates due to continuous cold breeze and intermittent rainfall/snowfall.

Arunachal: BRO Clears Sela Pass of snow

The road stretch for at least 20 KM length on either side of Sela Pass experience moderate to heavy snowfall which at times hampers the traffic worthiness of the road due to the resultant icing effect


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