Arunachal: Brave constable jumps in to Dikrong River and saves trapped couple  

Papum Pare ASP said that the work of Ct. Driver Tsering Dorjee Goiba is appreciating and encouraging.


Though a lot of us doubt the capabilities and the working of local police, one cannot ignore the fact that in a lot of cases these men put their lives in danger to protect others. Here is one example of how an Arunachal Police Head constable put his own life in danger to protect that of a citizen.

Tsering Dorjee Goiba, Head constable of Doimukh police station in Papum Pare district did a courageous job to save the life of two trapped person from Dikrong river.

The local people who were witness said that ” a police personnel from Doimukh police station without having any life jacket has jumped into the high current of Pare river in darkness and rescue a couple which is a great job. They appreciated the courageous job of the personnel who has been attached with Doimukh police station on Saturday evening even it was dark”.

Papum Pare ASP Sumit Kumar Jha said that the work of Ct. Driver Tsering Dorjee Goiba is appreciating and encouraging. He has set an example to other. He did a courageous job by working without caring for himself and without wasting any time to wait for SDRF and NDRF to arrive during at site when the  Pare river water level was rising and a couple was stuck in the middle of the river.

Papum Pare district police will reward him for his hard work, sincerity and humanitarian job other than normal duty toward the humanity. ASP added.

It is to mention that on December 7  (Saturday) at around 1846 in evening an information was received at Doimukh police station that two person got stuck inside a Wagon R car in Dikrong river. A team of police officer led by ASI Tate Nabam and ASI N Rama with Head constable

  1. RANG and Lady head constable Licha Ajo said Head constable driver Tsering Dorjee Goiba rushed to the spot.

The Wagon R car bearing registration No- AS01BQ/7947 was seen stuck in the middle of the river and two person were spotted in it. In the meantime the river water was also increasing and the car was about to sink. Local said.

Arunachal: Brave constable jumps in to Dikrong River and saves trapped couple  

There is a Pare Hydro electric project in its upstream and the huge volume of water are generally released from time to time and it was a dangerous situation. The local added.

The Doimukh police station sources inform that the NDRF stationed at Bemchi in Doimukh circle was also informed and requisitioned order was also placed.

The situation was tense and confusing among all to save the life of a couple. The H/C Driver when see that water level of river was rising continuously. He without delaying  a moment and wasting time to wait for NDRF team and other things he jumped into the river and swam  upto the stranded vehicle  and saved both the life. He has done this without a life saving equipment  and without  thinking  that his life was also in danger.

The saved two persons were identified  as  Santu Flago 29 years and his wife Tassar Pinia  of Forest colony  Itanagar.

The police sources inform that both couple came to Doimukh  Saturday market  in the afternoon  and washed their vehicle. Their vehicle was kept in the middle of  the river to let it dry and there was no water during the day time. In the evening  the pare hydel had released water and the water level rose up. Seeing the water level rising, they ran into the vehicle and tried to take it out but  couldn’t  move due  to high water current .

The local people of the area has appreciated his courageous job and appeal the Papum Pare district administration to recommend his name for state award and appreciation so that other police and civilian also follow and do exemplary job in the welfare of the people and society.


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