Arunachal: BJP workers Protest against Chinese president, Chinese Army

Several Chinese products including television/LED/LCD  were burnt down by the protesters.


Itanagar- Massive protest witness across the state by the ruling BJP party workers  against the Chinese President Xi Jinping, Chinese Army and appeal all fellow Indian citizens not to use and not to buy Chinese products from market as an attempt to economically boycott the china. Several Chinese products including television/LED/LCD  were burnt down by the protesters.

Here at BJP headquarter in state capital at H Sector today afternoon the members of ‘ Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha’ (BJYM) spearhead the protest which was attended by top youth leader of the youth wing of the party. The effigy of the Chinese president Xi Jinping was burned down and shouted slogans against the Chinese president and Chinese army for their act against the Indian army on LAC in Ladakh.

“the Chinese army has violated all norms and done nothing but a provocation against the Indian, whereas the India has been supporting the China by buying several Chinese products worth cores and billions. They have been doing this at the curtail juncture amid the Coronavirus pandemic which has been created by them and again in border” “ We will not tolerate it and we are ready to give befitting reply in different way, we will boycott all Chinese items and it will start from today.” . Said BJP senior leader Dominic Tadar.

Tadar said time have come and we will start awareness campaign among the rural and urban population and bring together  massive support from all citizens of state to boycott all Chinese items and we shall slowly shift to our own local products. Though we may get some time to do so but definitely we will try our best effort to boycott all Chinese products in state, we shall also emphasis and launch campaign that no Chinese products are sold in the markets of the state. he said.

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The people of India has always been maintaining cordial relationship with all neighbor and we shall continue to do so but if they try to overpower we will not tolerate and our defence forces is strong enough to give befitting reply upto any extent. Tadar added.

Protest were carried by the city unit at its office near Arunachal Pradesh civil sectt on National Highway-415 at E Sector today wherein dozens of party workers and women members take part. The effigy of Chinese president was burned down and several Chinese mobile handset were also burned into fire as a mark of resentment against the Chinese army act and attack wherein our 20 brave shoulders were martyred.

City President Tarh Soping address the gathering and public and appeal all section of society to boycott all types of Chinese items and also create awareness among the people to be united and not to but any Chinese items from any markets across the capital complex in particular and state as a whole.

He also motivated the morale of the party workers to pray for peace for our departed brave shoulders who lost their live for the security of the nation so that their eternal reached to heavenly abode and we remain calm and maintain our unity in all sphere of life so that we can give any reply to the china.

We are also in computer age and this is the electronic era and we are not in 1962 and china should know it otherwise we are also ready to give a befitting reply to anyone who try of destabilize our sovereignty and integrity. Soping said with conviction.

Report of protest and condemnation against Chinese army for killing 20 Indian shoulders at Galwan valley in Ladakh has been received from various parts of state which included Palin, Shergoan, Daporijo,


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