Arunachal: APWWS sensitizes marriage registration as per the AP Marriage Act – 2008 


APWWS sensitizes marriage registration as per the Arunachal Pradesh Marriage Act – 2008, to protect poor women residing in remote area of the state.


Perturbed over the 73 (seventy three) free registration of post marriage by the Arunachal Pradesh Women Welfare Society (APWWS) on the eve of Independence day, practicing Advocates, NGOs and civil societies said how can in one go such huge number of marriage registration would be held?  Where is the registration office and record maintenance office? And where to seek justice if any complicacy arises?, Are the questions.

Advocate Lani Nada and general secretary APWWS clarifies and said that we are following Arunachal Pradesh marriage Act, 2008 and every procedure and legal aspect would be maintained as per the Act. “We are only sensitizing the legal Act to protect our poor women residing in remote area of the state.

EAC Judicial in the district is the marriage officer; he will deal every marriage issues facilitating poor couples to avail legal services to avoid rampant exploitation of women in the state”, she says.   We will spearhead this campaign in every district and villages to educate women about their legal right, the Nada states.

The Arunachal Pradesh Marriage Act, 2008 requires the compulsory registration of marriage solemnized in the State. The marriage certificate is a crucial document as it is legal proof of marriage between two individuals and at the same time act as shield in protecting women from being abused.
The APWWS in support of district administration, District Legal Service Authority, All Mishmi Women Welfare Society in one go freely registered 73 post marriage couples.      .


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