Arunachal: APCC condemns Techi Meena Lishi’s murder

The govt must also ensure provisions for the protection, safety and security of women folk- APCC


Itanagar:   Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) vehemently condemn the  recent broad daylight murder  of a Pregnant woman namely Techi Meena Lishi and appeal  speedy and  stringent    investigation into the murder case to unveil  the truth and bring   justice to the deceased and her family members.

By extending deepest condolences to the grieved family, APCC demands that every single person involved  in hatching conspiracy  to murder the pregnant woman   must be punished under the law stringently so that  no such heinous crime hereafter  will be committed.

The state has never witnessed such   execution of dangerously unforeseen  crime against women. However , in recent years crime and violence against women is unswerving  and  increasing expeditiously  in  the state.  Abduction, domestic violence, Rape, Molestation, forced  and early marriages has become common sight in the state. And moreover,  Women of the state are  subjected to unaccounted varied  violence and torture which generally goes under reported.

APCC  urge that the State  government to focus more on rising crime against women and  enforce the  laws effectively to end  the sufferings which women go through due to imbalanced  practices of customs  and disproportionate changing social set up.

The govt  must also   ensure provisions   for the protection , safety and security of women folk.

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