Arunachal: Akkom Jumni Ligu devises new technique to propel spacecraft without fuel in space

The electromechanical mass thrust devises by Ligu uses solar energy from the sun.


Akkom Jumni Ligu, son of Tajum Ligu (Goan Burah) of Ligu village working as  district labour & Employment officer (DLEO) posted at Upper Subansiri district, Daporijo have made a model which design new technique to propel spacecraft without fuel in space. Ligu demonstrated this module at his temporary resident at F Sector here on Saturday.

Ligu said that spacecraft or satellite can be propelled in micro gravity space without using fuel by a technique called “ Electro-mechanical Mass Thrust”. He named his model as “ Donyi Jirpu” which means “sun girl” locally .

The model have the technique of spacecraft kept on neutral buoyancy tank and made it to push forward by a mass thrust powered by 24 volt reversible DC motor deriving its energy from 24 volt battery. He said.

The electro mechanical mass thrust evolved by Ligu uses solar energy from the sun.  The technique will cut down rocket fuel thereby saving crores of money and it will also keep space pollution free.

The longevity of the space craft or satellite in space may also be increased which normally the conventional space craft is dependent on fuel to maneuver whenever required in the space exhausting its fuel and its life is numbered.

Ligu technique may give a new dimension in the formulating such scientific technique in space science from Arunachal Pradesh after Tadar Anang who invented smart goggles for blind person in 2018.

Prof. (Dr) Vasant Varve of Pune, Maharashtra, Dr. Pratap Kumar Swain, Assistant Professor (Physic) NIT Yupia, VKV Principal, Nirjuli K K Reena among others were present during the  demonstration of his model.  They  appreciated the idea and technique of Akkom Jumni Ligu and lauded his creative and research work in space science. They also advised Ligu’s  to send this model to the experts in ISRO. They hope that after study experts can refine this model which may be useful for space science.

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Later talking to media Ligu said it took around four month to complete this model, he will take up his model to various space research authority and institution to get more technology and technique to create a success story.


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