Arunachal- 33 shops gutted in fire at Pasighat

33 shops were gutted in a blaze that broke out in daily market at Pasighat around 1 a.m. Saturday.


In yet another incident of fire accident here in the township of Pasighat, a massive fire broke out in the daily market opposite fruit vendor stands in which total of 33 shops were razed to ashes early 1 AM on Saturday.

As per the shop owners, the fire broke out at around 1 AM early morning and nothing could be saved from the fire mishap. However, acting on time, the fire tenders from Pasighat Fire Station along with fire tender from Pasighat Airport could doused the fire before it could spread further in nearby shops if which not, could have caused more destruction to shops in and around the place of occurrence.

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Addl. Dy. Commissioner, Pasighat, Tatdo Borang, the cause of the fire is not known yet, however, electrical short circuit is believed to be the cause at present. “We are investigating the cause of the fire mishap and the actual reason behind”, added Borang who was also seemingly worried over blaming the cause of every fire accidents to electrical short circuit. Borang also said that, power department Executive Engineer in a recent meeting had raised objection over blaming the power department and its electrical department of being the reason for fire accidents in almost all the fire accidents in Pasighat.

Arunachal- 33 shops gutted in fire at Pasighat

When contacted, District Disaster Management Officer, G. Tsumo said that, the fire ravaged shops were of government constructed shops where electrical short circuit is unlikely to take place. When asked if the department is doing a thorough investigation over the mishap, she said that, the investigation part is completely of police, but she has also appealed and felt the urgent need of investigating the cause of the fire. We are processing the immediate relief distribution for the affected shopkeepers, added Tsumo.

Arunachal- 33 shops gutted in fire at Pasighat

Meanwhile, many people of Pasighat have questioned the repeated occurrences of fire accidents in Pasighat Township, especially in the old market buildings. Some intellectual section of Pasighat town suspects handy involvement of some vested people behind the fire accidents which are suspected to be willfully set afire the shops/buildings to get the land allotment/land share or to seek compensation and other possible benefits out of the destruction of the market buildings.

However, it is now a matter of investigation which will be known only after the coming of results of a thorough investigation into the mishap.

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