ANSU, AAPSU, ANYA condemned Naharlagun incident

Referring to the incident of accident which was happened on 8 October evening and police is taking action as per law and culprit was also arrested within no time but taking law in hand is not acceptable.


The All Nyishi Student Union(ANSU),  All Arunachal Pradesh student Union (AAPSU) and All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) condemned the Naharlagun incident and demanded early arrest of all the ring leaders who carry out the protest rally and shutter down the shops of Naharlagun market on 9th October.

Addressing the media person here today at Arunachal press club ANSU Vice president Tana Susil Tara said that “we always respect and welcome the outsider in our state but our state has protected with some laws and outsiders have to respect it and follow the laws”. But yesterday some unknown Non- APST group has disturb our peace by conducting  a rally and shutter down of shops of Naharlagun which is not tolerable.

Referring to the incident of accident which was happened on 8 October evening and police is taking action as per law and culprit was also arrested within no time but taking law in hand is not acceptable, Tana said .

ANSU also  demanded  “the Police should arrest all the culprit who involved in unlawful within 3 days and take strong action against them”.

Expressing concerning over the traffic jam or careless driving during festival with influence of liquor ANSU requested the state government to identified or specify the particular place to celebrate like durga Puja, Vishwakarma Puja etc for outsider.

Reacting the statements or social Media post against APST student by some unknown Susil Said that if anything happened with our brother and sister who is staying outside state, then this people will be the held responsible.

Further he also requested the state government or concern department to check ILP properly and check background of person before issuing him or her ILP.

Condemning the incident AAPSU President Hawa Bagang demanded arrest of all ring leaders and demanded cancelation their ILP, trade license.  He also warn that do not try to bring communal colour in state. He also informed that very soon AAPSU will going to launch the 2nd phase of ILP checking

It must be mention here that “One person reportedly died after being assaulted in an apparent incident of road rage after a pickup truck (Tata Mobile) hit an SUV (Scorpio), here on Tuesday evening. Was identify as 30-year-old Dinesh Sahani .

On Wednesday morning, a large group of people took out a protest rally here demanding strict action against the culprits involved.

They claimed that Dinesh was thrashed in the incident site “till he was unconscious and then rushed to the hospital by nearby people.”

The protesters also shut down shops till late evening, except pharmacies.

They demanded that the culprits be booked under relevant sections of the law and to make the FIR and post mortem report public.

“Such incidents should be condemned by all irrespective of their community or region. Incidents of such kind should not be repeated anywhere,” said a protestor.

Meanwhile, Corruption Crusader of Arunachal (CCoA) also condemn the act of the non-APST who without any official permission have close down their shutters which have created lots of problems to the local denizens. They said that EAC, Naharlagun have later issued Order to open the shops today itself.


2 thoughts on “ANSU, AAPSU, ANYA condemned Naharlagun incident

  • October 11, 2019 at 1:23 am

    AAPSU, ANSU and ANYA are the hopeless organizations bringing shame to the state. They are doing nothing but always have to speak words like outsiders. Someone from the trader’s fraternity died and the body is showing solidarity. In fact, if rally took place while creating trouble to others, then a matter of concern and has to be dealt with. But is it really necessary to use word like outsider doing business shall be cautioned and has to respect laws. Laws are common for the entire country. Then how come such statements that outsiders have to follow are coming out and this is actually dividing the people, their mind set. It is really shame to stay in Arunachal Pradesh and serving the state to bring it in tandem with other states even when peolple with mind set saying outsiders. I have been staying here for almost 5 years and serving. Many a times have heard the word outsiders and thinking how such feelings are coming out even when all are under same umbrella. People across the states should migrate, settle and work wherever they desire and should contribute to own’s and nations development. If outsider mentality prevails then an all round development is a distant dream. Am not writing to hurt sentiments but disappointed to see people’s mindset.

  • October 11, 2019 at 7:21 am

    Reckless drivers should be punished as per the law. As we all know roads connecting the twin city is worst. No one willingly wants to drive through this horrible roads unless there is some official or urgent works. During pooja most of the non apst are engaged in pooja. And crowd is obvious. So every person should think of safe driving. Apart from this most of the pooja mandap is held near to main roads, which makes it more difficult for the denizens to move even walking becomes difficult in especially Naharlagun. So in my opinion the committee should arrange a separate place for all the poojas like durga pooja viswakarma puja etc.


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