AN-32 Crash:  IAF Continues Efforts To Bring Back Mortal remains

IAF Continues Efforts To Bring Back Mortal remains from AN-32 crash sire in Arunachal Pradesh, other material evidence brought back to Jorhat in stages.

New Delhi/ Jorhat 

IAF mountaineers, Army Special Forces personnel and local mountaineers were dropped off at the closest possible location to the crash site and have reached the crash site.

The mortal remains and other material evidence have to be picked up by helicopters and brought back to Jorhat in stages. The weather continues to be marginal and is likely to affect the pace of recovery operations. The recovery team is braving the treacherous terrain and inclement weather in order to bring back the mortal remains as soon as possible.

The IAF has flown around 200 sorties towards the AN-32 search and recovery operations and is sparing no efforts in recovering the remains of its personnel for which 08 helicopters have been deployed.

The Next of Kins of all personnel on board had been informed of the crash and the subsequent search operations undertaken by the IAF. Concerned family members have been apprised of the progress of the recovery operations as well and IAF officials are in regular touch with them. The IAF and all its personnel stand with the families in this hour of grief.

Meanwhile the Cockpit Voice Recorder ( CVR) and Flight Data Recorder ( FDR)  has been recovered by rescue team at crash site today.


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