“Ajong Alu” a success story of Self Help Group in Arunachal


It’s easy to be fooled into thinking that the women in the picture above are daily wage labourers but actually they are members of a Self Help Group  who not only earn an honest wage for themselves but also raise enough money to engage in micro finance by lending much needed capital to the needy and poor.

You might be curious to know more about these women by the time you have finished reading up till here so let’s satiate your curiosity by telling you the success story of these women.

These four women in the picture are members of a Self Help Group  called “Ajong Alu” located in the remote village of “Chamro” situated in the highlands of Jairampur subdivision of “Changlang” district of Arunachal Pradesh.changalang school building -2

The women in the picture include group President Khappso Wangsu, secretary Niyumchin Kimsing and treasurer Rumthai Mosang who along with the rest of their group took a contract to paint the local school building and completed the task before the deadline by working 16 hours straight without a break. The charged a sum of Rs 7500 for their services out of which 3000 were spent in acquiring supplies and other equipments leaving the group with a net profit of Rs 4000 which they deposited in the group’s account.

in this way, the members of the group take up various contracts in the village and deposit the profit earned in the group’s funds.

The group has become so successfull in the area that it provided a loan of  Rs 25000/- from the group’s funds to a businessman at an interest rate of 2% per month.

The group was established by 18 women in 2014 with financial assistance of a mere Rs 18200 under the “Northeast Regional Community Resources Management” initiative of the Central Government but after dedication and hard work of its members, the group has become financially secure enough to provide monetary assistance via micro financing to others.

The self help group received considerable assistance from the R.K. Mosang Memorial Society which is an NGO working for the upliftment of rural communities in the region. The society not only helped in bringing together the local women in Changlang’s  village to form the Self Help Group in the first place but has also played an important role in its progress since then.


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